My Calm


I felt a strange kind of calmness today, it is as if I finally came to know the truth of my existence in ways that weren’t very specific in my occasional foggy mind before. It’s been too long I have been seeking an explanation to my existence, there was no place on earth that I didn’t make my own home to feel really HOME. Years after years I was proved wrong when I searched for the physical home. I told myself “I would know if it’s my home when I will feel at ease”; I thought to myself that perhaps my connection with the geography and people would intertwine and I would feel attached again with that place like the way I used to feel when I was a child. Today I didn’t feel that kind of attachment even when I was in my old “happy” place, it feels like the new natural is my new-familiar home where I should surrender my soul and become one to every bit of my existence. That’s probably how my search will come to an end, after moving away from the old.

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