Life’s more

IMG_6291What a woman’s worth is a life long analysis that a soul never gets to the point when the body tells her through those wrinkles on the bare skin that she has had experienced enough of this life.

In the end, it is nothing like growing older and wiser at the same time. The growth leads to the fact that you figure out things about life sooner or later.

Embracing this truth will probably lead to another beautiful destination. Fingers crossed.

Feb 5th, 2018.


Take it slow

IMG_9145Given so much that sometimes I take a step back and estimate if it’s worth it or not. Draining myself in giving appears to be an indulgence that sometimes I am just scared of myself thinking of the extent to which I could be “all-giving” to everyone around me. I don’t of course expect a return but I don’t also want anyone to take advantage of how naively I might interpret things and contribute to the cause. It is not the monetary side to it that bothers me rather the emotional nuances involved bring me miseries. Like love I now try to give in moderation even in charity. After that I leave it to God to make it a blessing for everyone.


My Calm


I felt a strange kind of calmness today, it is as if I finally came to know the truth of my existence in ways that weren’t very specific in my occasional foggy mind before. It’s been too long I have been seeking an explanation to my existence, there was no place on earth that I didn’t make my own home to feel really HOME. Years after years I was proved wrong when I searched for the physical home. I told myself “I would know if it’s my home when I will feel at ease”; I thought to myself that perhaps my connection with the geography and people would intertwine and I would feel attached again with that place like the way I used to feel when I was a child. Today I didn’t feel that kind of attachment even when I was in my old “happy” place, it feels like the new natural is my new-familiar home where I should surrender my soul and become one to every bit of my existence. That’s probably how my search will come to an end, after moving away from the old.