Some days I want you to claim me
Hold my hands and walk along the crowded alleys
Some days I only want my name
In that voice
Not stories of life’s riddles and how you handle them.
Some days I want to tell you
That I miss you
And how we used to live a life.
Together. A long time ago.


This Empath!

It’s like first I have to undo all the emotions, pains and mostly the stories I have heard from people for all these people. I feel so exhausted. It’s like I have to undo everything that I have ever listened to. It’s like I want to erase the past from the present and not take it to the future. But I don’t know where to begin this new journey of my heart.

I have always been a stronger, intuitive person. I have taken a mountain of sorrows (joy too) from people’s daily lives and I made myself a good listener through it all. But now I feel weaker. I feel I don’t want to hear any pains or stories of people’s sufferings. I valued their pains, but devalued my own if I could remember it correctly.

It sounds selfish. I get it. But the truth of the matter is that I am drained so much from my past. The emptiness that I feel by giving all of me to all of the people around would never going to end. I feel I am in a trap of doing this, and I so want to get it out of it.

I want to create a life where I can listen to myself first, and I take care of my pains first.


Don’t change!

Some days I want to forget you
And listen to my own voice.
The mind wandering, the distractions
Are there of course
But when my voice would surface from the background
It would be authentic, real
Just the way I am.
I wouldn’t feel the pressure of changing me,
Nor my voice would change. For you.