Sweetness in a mordant humor
pleases her soul in lucid generosity
like Hollywood’s musical
Thoughts flow
in the background.
A human story
leaves a bitter sweet feeling,
conveying moments of resilience
that she needs to shield the heart
in a Hercules mightiness oozing away from the past’s ill omens when the Arabian cipher fill up the air, a freshness of breath holds up her soul under the open sky.

She is finally free, from you.


Take it slow

IMG_9145Given so much that sometimes I take a step back and estimate if it’s worth it or not. Draining myself in giving appears to be an indulgence that sometimes I am just scared of myself thinking of the extent to which I could be “all-giving” to everyone around me. I don’t of course expect a return but I don’t also want anyone to take advantage of how naively I might interpret things and contribute to the cause. It is not the monetary side to it that bothers me rather the emotional nuances involved bring me miseries. Like love I now try to give in moderation even in charity. After that I leave it to God to make it a blessing for everyone.