a woman!

there will still be someone
to love your soul
someone to tell you
how beautiful you are every day.
he will hold your hands
without any occasion.
day’s chores, calling friends, paying bills online
would wait
but putting a smile on your face
will be
number one on his to-do list.
with him
for a little loving attention
you won’t need to forget that
you are a woman every day.


I feel!

I don’t feel pain in my body
Not even a heavy heart
My mind has gone blank too.
It feels like a silky slate now
A brand new screen to write on.
I can start over, I feel.

I now feel free to take
left and right exit
Or simply stay in the centre
Destination doesn’t matter

I feel I can go to any place
And never return.
This no bindings,
feels only empowering to this living soul.

I feel I am healing, for me!