September in photo

A ladies’ gym in a small town in Saudi Arabia. A gym is called a gym now but back in the days, say about 5 years ago, they were known as “Beauty clinics”. Women openly going to the gym and working out were not somethings considered important back then. Five years down, this small city I live in and call home is full of fitness centers and some of them are even franchised. Everything is changing, and most importantly now, a woman doesn’t need the society to tell her how she needs to do things or simply life her life. -Al Hasa, KSA


One day!

I didn’t forgive myself
For the longest time
I thought of you
It felt like I needed to forgive
first to forgive myself.

I stopped trusting myself
I kept thinking of
the flaws you mentioned
But didn’t
You loved me with all my imperfections?

I stopped believing in love
The love we shared
Was celestial
Like the kind that live for eternity
I wouldn’t fall for any temporary thing!
But you were so short-lived, just like the love
For me.

Bangladesh, 2019


Don’t change!

Some days I want to forget you
And listen to my own voice.
The mind wandering, the distractions
Are there of course
But when my voice would surface from the background
It would be authentic, real
Just the way I am.
I wouldn’t feel the pressure of changing me,
Nor my voice would change. For you.